About the Training

The NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health is a globally recognized health and Safety qualification from an established independent examination board. Nebosh qualifications are widely accepted and preferred among organizations and multinational companies working to international standards who are seeking to implement good health and safety management across all areas of their operation.

Who should attend?

Managers, Supervisors, worker representatives and others who require a knowledge and understanding of health and safety principles and practices

Who conducts the training?

Safety World  has NEBOSH approved trainers who are multilingual and have at least 10 + years exposure to international Health and Safety organizations. These trainers provide high quality training with total training effectiveness and comprehension for students. Courses available in India and the Middle East.

Course content

Safety World Training is proud to offer NEBOSH International General Certificate for ensuring job-related health and safety. Registered in U.K, NEBOSH stands for The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH). With more than 20 years of experience in offering relevant and latest examinations, the certificate from this independent board is an internationally renowned health and safety prerequisite.

The NEBOSH IGC training course on offer by us has been designed for multinational companies in all sectors, without compromising on global standards or decrees but acclimatized to local requirements at the same time. It aims to offer an exceptional foundation in job-related safety and health, so that workers in charge to study and manage the probable risks more effectively. The syllabus encompasses technical, international, and other standards and is suitable for folks in any industry sector performing in any nation of the world. The NEBOSH certificate is ideal for those who are about to step into the line of health and safety, or for supervisors, managers, and employee representatives.

Instead of attending such a course via a classroom at a training venue in the UK that can be costly, you can choose to do so via our high-quality distance/e-learning service offering unlimited support from our certified NEBOSH trainers. This is an ideal way for those who require a more flexible way to obtain the NEBOSH Certificate.

Duration : 80 HRS

Mode of Study : Block course, Weekend course, Evening classes (weekend and evening classes only in the Middle East) 

Course Structure  

The syllabus is divided into 3 units. Each of the first two units is further divided into a number of elements:

UNIT IGC1: Management of International Health and Safety

1. Foundations in Health & Safety 
2. Health & Safety Management Systems – Plan 
3. Health & Safety Management Systems – Do
4. Health & Safety Management Systems – Check
5. Health & Safety Management Systems – Act

UNIT GC2: Controlling Workplace Hazard

1. Workplace hazards and control 
2.Transport hazards and control 
3. Musculoskeletal hazards and Risk Control 
4. Work Equipment hazards and Control
5. Electrical Safety
6. Fire Safety
7. Chemical and biological health hazards and Risk control 
8. Physical and psychological health hazards and Risk control

Unit GC3: International health and safety practical application

Purpose and Aim

The aim of this unit is to assess a candidate’s ability to complete successfully two activities: 

 To carry out, unaided, a safety inspection of a workplace, identifying the more 
common hazards, deciding whether they are adequately controlled and, where 
necessary, suggesting appropriate and cost effective remedial action.  

 To prepare a report that persuasively urges management to take appropriate action, explaining why such action is needed (including reference to possible breaches of legislation) and identifying, with due consideration of reasonable practicability, the remedial measures that should be implemented.

Date: 13 Oct 2019 – Hyderabad, Thrissur (Kerala)

Description: Limited seats. Register quickly if interested.

Phone Number: + 971 55 770 6239 (Telephone & Whatsapp) /;

Medium: English with Multilingual explanations

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