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Good management systems can help your organisation achieve legal compliance, promote HSE and Well-being to manage any injuries which may occur.

SAFETY WORLD INTERNATIONAL specialises in the development, implementation and manpower support of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) Management Systems.

Our goal is to help your business achieve its QHSE requirements and tailor a QHSE system to suit your needs. Like you, we want to make sure your workforce continues to be healthy and safe at the end of each passing day.

We support you to continue your business with no harm to the environment or property whilst ensuring legal compliance for you and your company.

Since 2007, we at SAFETY WORLD INTERNATIONAL have gone about our activities with the intent to provide Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) Solutions to all industries and to support our Clients achieve Business Continuity and Sustainability that work as positive motivators to manage all hazards and risks and ensure health, safety and well-being of their employees worldwide.

In our 15 years of QHSE service, SAFETY WORLD INTERNATIONAL has endeavoured to be the leading provider of QHSE Solutions to maintain adequate standards of Quality, Heath, Safety, Environment and Social Well-being for all our to Clients from multiple Industries in the Middle East, Asia and African countries.

We specialise in providing QHSE Management System development, review, implementation and Manpower support.

SAFETY WORLD INTERNATIONAL has worked with all types of organisations, with equal focus on small business to support you not only to ensure legal compliance and meet the needs of your Local Governments and Clients but also for YOU to also to achieve high levels of Health, Safety and Well-being of  employees internally.

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We have worked with Safety World on a number of HSE projects over the last many years. They have always provided very professional service with high level of technical competence and integrity to support our efforts

Ahmed Bin Hammad

HSE Manager, Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat Petroleum), Dubai

Safety World has been a great support for our Projects for QHSE Management System Implementation and Training programs.
The QHSE support they provided us for our Oil & Gas and Power Plant projects were of high quality and enabled us achieve our project QHSE KPIs and to complete these projects with minimum lost time.

Rayees Azeez

Project HSE Manager, Sarooj Construction, Musandam Gas Plant and Power Plant Projects, Khasab - Oman

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